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10 Reasons Why Students Should Choose Khan Academy


10 reasons why students should choose khan academy to improve their self-learning

Many educational resources are available on the internet. But, Khan Academy is the most demanded by students. Khan Academy is a non-profit educational website providing free world-class education for anyone.

A study on the research shows that Khan Academy improves math performance and attitudes. Whether it’s a higher number of test scores or better grades, there is evidence that supports the reality.

What is Khan Academy?

Khan Academy was created by Sal Khan in 2006, which is a non-profit and one of the best educational platform for students. This educational platform provides free lessons, videos, practice exercises, and much more.

It has had a big impact on global education. It has reached millions of learners of all ages and backgrounds. Learners can improve their academic skills. They can prepare for exams and pursue their education goals.

10 Reasons Why Students Should Choose Khan Academy

There are many benefits to choosing this platform. Today, you will learn 10 reasons to choose Khan Academy as a student to improve your self-learning.

Reason 1: Free of Cost

One of the significant advantages of Khan Academy is that this is completely free to use and you don’t have to pay at any time. No fees, and no subscription cost. Just a wealth of knowledge accessible to everyone. Including videos, lessons, or practice exercises. You can benefit from it without paying anything.

Reason 2: Lots of Subjects to Choose From

You can find a wide range of subjects to explore at it. You need help with science, math, history, or subjects like computer programming and art. This site has many resources and lessons for you, tailored to your needs. This variety is like having a whole library of teachers ready to help you with any subject you want to learn more about.

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Reason 3: Learn at Your Own Speed

One of the best things is that you can learn at Khan Academy at your own speed. If you find a difficult topic, you check it again and again many times until you understand the topic. This approach helps you to remember the information more easily before moving on to the next, which is a good thing for a student. It would help if you were consistent with your studies.

Reason 4: Easier Lessons

This educational resource provides free of charge easier lessons to understand. These are created by professional teachers and educators who break down complex topics into much simpler parts. They use examples and diagrams to help you visualize concepts, making it easier for you to keep new ideas and apply them in your studies.

Reason 5: Test Preparation

If you have a state test, an SAT, an ACT, or any other kind of test, Khan Academy can help you. They provide sample tests, which are modeled like the actual exam, and useful information about how to complete them successfully. This preparation can help eliminate distraction, and anxiety and keep you stay focused and on track when the actual test is set.

Reason 6: Content Quality

It offers educational content, so you will be getting information that is correct and credible. The contents of this platform are developed by professional teachers, educators, and experts. Therefore, you should not have any concerns about the quality of content that is to be created.

Reason 7: Community and Support

Another feature of this platform is its online forum. Learners can use it to interact with each other, post questions, and have discussions. This encourages peer learning or group learning where learners can help each other in their learning process.

Reason 8: Available in Different Languages

This educational platform offers lessons in different languages, which means you can learn anything in any language that’s easier for you. If English isn’t your language, you can choose your native language to study faster. There are 22 languages supported by it.

Reason 9: Learn Skills for Life

In addition to academic disciplines, Khan Academy provides tutoring on skills that are generally applicable in real life. For instance, you can learn about managing your finances. You can also learn about business management and its attitude towards development. These skills enable you to acquire critical thinking, decision-making, and problem-solving skills. They are useful for both school and future jobs.

Reason 10: Study Anywhere, Anytime

Khan Academy is available online; you can access it from any device with an internet connection. Whether you want to study at home, or in the library, you can log in and continue your learning wherever you are. This allows you to fit studying into your study schedule and learn at times that work best for you.

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Khan Academy is one of the most valuable resources for students. It provides an individual approach to studying, tutorials, practice tests, and more. Another strength that a candidate can consider while selecting Khan Academy is that it is free of charge and gives equal opportunities to every person to receive a quality education. If you wish to find information on a particular subject, take online classes, prepare for an exam, or learn new skills, then it’s a solution.


Is Khan Academy free?

Yes, you can use Khan Academy for free to study different subjects online, prepare for tests, and learn new skills.

Does Khan Academy have a YouTube channel?

Yes, Khan Academy does indeed make use of YouTube as one of the sites through which it hosts its educational content. A good number of Khan Academy’s tutorials are on their YouTube channel of the same name.

Can Khan Academy work offline?

Khan Academy needs an internet connection. It’s needed for its full range of features. These include interactive exercises, quizzes, and real-time progress tracking. But, users can download videos for offline viewing on mobile apps.

Can I use Khan Academy on my laptop?

Yes, you can use Khan Academy with a laptop, though a tablet might be even more useful for its touch-based navigation. This work is web-based, meaning that you can access Khan Academy via any browser and go to Khan Academy.

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